Running to Represent You in Harrisburg

Bringing Practical

This race requires grassroots donations from people who believe Harrisburg can do better.
Protect Retirement Income

Frank Ryan wants to tax retirement income, but I will protect seniors' livelihood to save dignity after work

Reform Legislature

Harrisburg has more representatives than we can afford or need, so I support shrinking its membership

Oppose Tax Expansion

Frank Ryan wants to tax staples like food and clothing, but I will work to keep that burden off of PA families

Remain Trustworthy

I have spent decades building a good reputation in the community, and my integrity will remain after the election

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Stay Informed About This Race

    My name is Dr. Calvin Clements

    I am running to represent you in Harrisburg

    Until last year, I would have been content to enjoy leisure and quality time with family in retirement, staying out of the bustle that had dominated my decades looking after pets as a local veterinarian.

    Now, after seeing what passes for representation in Harrisburg, I have decided to run for office on a platform of fiscal responsibility and protecting senior from economic assault. I have two big ideas to increase the purchasing power of Pennsylvanians.

    More Services, Lower Taxes

    We can effect significant savings by cutting the size of the PA House . The 101 districts that remain could have more staff to meet constituent needs and still save taxpayers millions of dollars.

    Protecting Retirement

    After working for decades and paying into the system, Pennsylvanians deserve to hold on to the income that allows them to retire with dignity. Legislators should not bleed seniors dry to pay down unnecessary debt.

    Be a volunteer

    When you join my team

    You are joining a group of people invested in making Pennsylvania more fair, more responsive, and more sensible. My constituents are my only interest group, and I need volunteers to ensure that I know what those interests include. I don't expect anyone to do anything I wouldn't.

    Be a donor

    When you support our efforts

    I promise to use the money you contribute wisely. I have found a team that will employ evidence-based techniques to bring you the election you deserve. I ask you to look at this election like an investment, and I will do everyting in my power to deliver a return.

    "In an area replete with resources that provide residents ample opportunities to succeed in business and life, there is little reason for the hardships aflicting people across the district."

    Doc Clements is committed to unlocking the promise of the 101st District.

    Helping each other

    The Community Needs Assistance

    1. Do you have services to offer? Do you need services? 
    2. Send an email to info@docclements.com detailing what you need or have to give.
    3. When people reach out with needs, my team and I will match them with community resources and helpful individuals.
    4. We work best when we work together.
    We work best when we work together.

    There are many ways to help, even while combating COVID-19.

    Posting Online

    Most people have some kind of online presence, and putting my campaign in their feeds can help.

    Making Calls

    People like to be heard and receive good information, and you can do both over the phone.

    Text Messaging

    Text messaging is an engaging way to reach voters, and we tend to get more responses.

    Writing to Newspapers

    To help make the case for some of my policies and my race, you can write to local papers.

    Let's reach for new heights.

    What could a good government do for you?

    Reach Out

    Doc Clements for the 101
    PO Box 66, Palmyra, PA 17078