Doc Clements Biography

Let supporting an important movement be part of your biography


Calvin "Doc" Clements

When I was growing up, I was no stranger to struggling. On a farm in upstate New York, my family tried to make ends meet despite policies that threatened small operations in the dairy industry, as happened to Lebanon County dairies in 2018. The family was devastated by my father's injuries from a car accident that occurred as he drove home from the second job he needed to save our dairy.
This early experience planted a seed for politics, and throughout the rest of my life, I have had an eye toward policies and the people they affect.
After an injury prevented me from enlisting in the Air Force, I began school to become a veterinarian, and by the time I reached retirement last year, I had operated various clinics, rehabilitation practices, and imaging centers all in South Central Pennsylvania.
This is when I found out about Frank Ryan's plan to tax my retirement income, and decided to run for office.