Reform the Legislature

Shrink the Membership

We have the largest full-time state legislature in the country, and we have no better results than many other states with smaller legislatures.

If we cut our State House from 203 members to 103 and our State Senate from 50 members to 25, we would save over $11 million per year on legislator wages alone, not including the added savings from healthcare, pension, and per diem pay.

Good Government

There are a few measures that could make Harrisburg more accountable.

  • Term limits of six years in the House eight years in the Senate
  • Convert all pensions to hybrid retirement plans
  • Publicly list expenses of legislators, and modernize accounting practices
  • Increase the "cooling off" period to two years between legislating and lobbying
  • Require ballot measures for public approval of all legislator raise proposals and benefit expansions

Government should work for the benefit of all people not a select few career politicians enriching themselves and special interests at taxpayers' expense. 

School Tax Reform

An alternate approach...

Apply a 4% Earned Income Tax

Add 0.5 % to current sales tax

Increase the cost of concealed permit
from $25 for 3 years to $50 for the same period

Enact a commercial school tax to compensate for the gift granted to commercial real estate by eliminating school taxes

Exempt Seniors making less then $50k from paying property taxes

Tax credits for Seniors that donate time to school reading and math programs.

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