Thank you for your interest in helping with the campaign.

Whether you have a lot of time or a little, we have options for you to get involved, and if you don't have any time, small-dollar donations help fuel this campaign.


How much time do you have?

Do what you can when you can, and feel free to return to complete more action items later.

2 Minutes

Share Registration Posts
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10 Minutes

Endorse Doc in a video on Facebook
using this Facebook Frame . Download the video, post it to your page/story,  and message it to the campaign here .

Check out a sample of video length.

Send a message  to the campaign about a policy that matters to you. Include a story about how the policy has affected you or could affect you. 

1+ Hour

Sign up to Volunteer
Decide if you would like to
• Make phone calls
• Write an op-ed
• Register voters
• Fundraise
• Research

If you don't know, just submit the form without a note and we'll figure out how you can help!

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