Under Construction

My name is Dr. Calvin Clements, and I am running to represent you in Harrisburg.

Until last year, I would have been content to enjoy leisure and quality time with family in retirement, staying out of the bustle that had dominated my decades looking out for family pets as a local veterinarian. Now, after seeing what passes for representation in Harrisburg, I have decided to run for office on a platform of fiscal responsibility and protecting seniors from economic assault.


Reform Legislature

Pennsylvania has one of the most bloated legislatures in the United States, but many residents feel no more represented than they could in a legislature half the size, which is why I propose cutting the size of the Pennsylvania House down to 101 members. Even with staff increases for the remaining districts, this proposal could save millions of dollars.

Oppose Tax Hikes

My opponent in this race wants to resolve property taxes by introducing new taxes on food and clothing, plus raising income, sales, and other taxes that Pennsylvanians cannot afford. I will fight against these proposals and advocate for responsible property tax reform that does not bleed residents dry.

Protect Retirement Income

After working for years and responsibly saving for the future, our retirement income could be taxed across Pennsylvania if Frank Ryan has his way. I do not believe in robbing Peter to pay Paul, so I would oppose the Ryan tax shift that serves as a handout to businesses by increasing the burden on seniors and working people.

You Know Me

I have been active in the community for as long as most people can remember. I cared for your pets, and Doc Clements is a name people know they can trust. I will preserve that trust when I go to Harrisburg, standing up for constituents and their interests.

Let’s make something together.